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Some useful sites…

aids-ribbonn – Great site with a ton of resources relating to HIV / Aids, including facts about the virus, statistics, information about STD’s and great ideas for educational workshops: 

THE BODY – The largest resource on the internet to do with HIV / Aids, particularly if you’re interested in the latest headlines and research. Also includes a resource centre for those who have just been diagnosed with HIV, personal stories written by those infected or affected by HIV / Aids and an art gallery of work done by HIV postive artists:

The Well Project – Designed especially for women infected or affected by HIV / Aids, this site provides the basic facts about HIV / Aids, advice on treatment, and tips on how to live healthily when one has been diagnosed with HIV:

Until there’s a – Vital statistics relating to HIV / Aids. Also the opportunity to purchase a bracelet to show your solidarity with the Until there’s a Cure movement, and to make a donation to the work that the organisation does with those infected or affected by the virus:


SHARC 2009: How YOU can get involved…

n791660013_4396420_1214SHARC is planning big things for ’09…here are some of the things that YOU can get involved in:

1. Become a PEER EDUCATOR:

Educating people about safe sex and changing mindsets about HIV / Aids is some of the most important work that SHARC does. To qualify as a Peer Educator, you will need to attend fortnightly sessions for the first half of the year, after which you will hold workshops in schools in Grahamstown and for first years during O-week. The work is highly rewarding and not too demanding, even if you have a busy schedule. If you’re interested, contact Claire Marais:

2. Get involved in our COMMUNITY OUTREACH programme:

SHARC’s Community Outreach portfolio is planning a whole array of activities for this year. In particular, SHARC works with children affected or infected with HIV, and this year are planning to organise a game drive, set up a tutoring system and start an aerobics class for the kids! SHARC also works closely with local NGO’s such as the Raphael and Jabez Centres. If this is the kind of work you think you’d be interested in, get hold of Denel Honeyball – or Lisa Nel –

3. Support our TESTING DRIVES:

SHARC organises regular testing drives on campus to encourage students to know their status. If you’d like to volunteer to help out, contact Phindile Shezi –

4. Help out with HIV / Aids Awareness Week and other events:

We’ll send out regular emails to keep you up to date with any events we’re organising. In addition to HIV / Aids awareness week, SHARC organises awareness campaigns, concerts, auctions, film evenings, plays, lectures, discussion forums and much more..Volunteers are always appreciated! Get hold of Ithuteng Mashabela – for more information on how you can help.


Tell your friends about what SHARC does, and encourage them to get involved. Just as importantly, try and work towards destigmatising the disease and encouraging safe sexual practices in your every day life. If we all work towards building a culture of tolerance and understanding, we can truly make a difference! 🙂


About us…


What is SHARC?


The Student HIV / Aids Resistance Campaign (SHARC) is a student

organisation of Rhodes University, Grahamstown. It is comprised of

registered student members and run by a committee of students. Within

the organisation there are a number of different portfolios which

change according to need. Each year, elections are held in which

SHARC members elect a new committee. SHARC is officially aligned

with the Rhodes Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and all SHARC

members are therefore also TAC members. As SHARC falls under the

category of a student society, it receives a small amount of funding

from the Student Representative Council on request. Apart from that, it

receives the majority of its income from membership fees. In 2008,

SHARC had 350 members and remains the largest, most active student

society on campus.


SHARC’s History:

In 2003, a group of extraordinary Rhodes students who were

concerned about the lack of HIV / Aids awareness on campus put their

energy into creating SHARC – a society that could tackle the challenge

head on. Since 2003, SHARC has been one of the most active and

effective societies on campus. In 2005, members of the committee

drafted a new HIV / Aids policy for Rhodes which was presented to the

University during one of the best attended campus-wide marches. Since

then, Rhodes University has adopted a fixed HIV / Aids policy that is

regularly reviewed. It also has an HIV / Aids Task Committe comprised

of relevant university stakeholders, such as TAC, the Sanatorium and

the Counselling Centre. In 2008, Rhodes appointed an HIV Advocacy

officer, a position which SHARC had lobbied for a long time. To this day,

SHARC is still at the centre of Rhodes’ response to HIV /Aids, arranging

all the advocacy, workshops, awareness campaigns and student forums

on campus.





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